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We thank you for the time you have been with us. When your contract expires we will decommission and remove your support tracker and your Bitergia Analytics instance. The data sets will be removed too in order to fulfill the GDPR law. In case you want to get a copy of your data sets before leaving, please let us know so we can prepare everything.


  1. Open a support issue asking for the data.
  2. From the person who is going to get access to the data we need:
      - The **Keybase username** to send the data safely.
      - A **GPG key** attached to his/her Keybase user. We'll use it to encrypt the data files.
      - An email address linked to Google (e.g. a gmail address) to give access to the files.
  3. Bitergia generates the dump.
  4. When the data is ready you'll be provided with a link to the backup file.
  5. Log in on Google with the email address provied in the previous step to download the file
  6. After downloading the files, you should be able to decrypt them using your PGP key. You can run Keybase to do it with the following command:
        keybase pgp decrypt -i bap_backup_example.tar.7z.gpg -o bap_backup_example.tar.7z
  7. Now you will be able to extract the files from the 7z archive with any compression utility that supports 7-zip format. For example:
    7z x bap_backup_example.tar.7z
    tar xvf bap_backup_example.tar
  8. Inform Bitergia that you have been able to extract the files in order we can dispose or delete the data.

Some help#

How to add the GPG key to your user in Keybase#

   keybase pgp gen    # if you need a PGP key
   keybase pgp select # if you already have one in GPG
   keybase pgp import # to pull from stdin or a file

How to add your SSH key to your Github account#

You can read it on this link.

How to add your SSH key to your GitLab account#

You have all the information here.