This index contains one document per GitHub issue or an issue comment. It is possible to distinguish them by using the field item_type.

All the field types are aggregatable except the text field type. Those are:

  • title_analyzed.
  • issue_title_analyzed.
  • body_analyzed.
Name Type Description
Cross-references fields NA Fields coming from cross-references study (available only when it is active), see cross_references.csv.
assignee_data_bot boolean True/False if the assignee is a bot or not.
assignee_data_domain keyword Assignee's domain name from SortingHat profile.
assignee_data_gender keyword Assignee gender.
assignee_data_gender_acc keyword Accuracy to assess assignee gender.
assignee_data_id keyword Assignee's id from SortingHat profile.
assignee_data_name keyword Assignee's name.
assignee_data_org_name keyword Assignee's organization name from SortingHat profile.
assignee_data_user_name keyword Assignee's username from SortingHat profile.
assignee_data_uuid keyword Assignee's UUID from SortingHat profile.
assignee_domain keyword Assignee's domain name from GitHub.
assignee_geolocation geo_point Assignee's global location using coordinates.
assignee_location keyword Assignee's geographical location.
assignee_login keyword Assignee's login name from GitHub.
assignee_name keyword Assignee's name from GitHub.
assignee_org keyword Assignee's organization name from GitHub.
author_bot boolean True/False if the author is a bot or not.
author_domain keyword Author's domain name from SortingHat profile.
author_gender keyword Author gender.
author_gender_acc keyword Accuracy to assess author gender.
author_id keyword Author's ID from SortingHat profile.
author_name keyword Author's name.
author_org_name keyword Author's organization name from SortingHat profile.
author_user_name keyword Author's username from SortingHat profile.
author_uuid keyword Author's UUID from SortingHat profile.
body keyword Body of the issue/comment.
body_analyzed text Body of the issue/comment.
comment_updated_at date Date when the comment was updated.
demography_max_date date Date of the latest issue of the corresponding author. Available only when demography study is active.
demography_min_date date Date of the first (oldest) issue of the corresponding author. Available only when demography study is active.
feeling_emoticon keyword
feeling_emoticon_sentiment keyword
github_repo keyword The name of the GitHub repository.
grimoire_creation_date date Issue/comment creation date.
id keyword Issue/comment ID.
is_github_issue long Used to separate issues from comments.
is_github_issue_comment long Used to separate comments from issues.
is_github_comment long Used to unify pull requests and issue comments.
issue_closed_at date Date when an issue was closed.
issue_created_at date Date when an issue was opened.
issue_id long Issue ID on GitHub.
issue_id_in_repo keyword The issue's ID in the repository.
issue_labels keyword The labels assigned to an issue.
issue_pull_request boolean True if the issue is a pull request.
issue_state keyword State of the issue (open/closed).
issue_updated_at date Date when the issue was last updated.
issue_url keyword Full URL of the issue.
item_type keyword The type of the item (issue/comment).
metadata__enriched_on date Date when the data were enriched.
metadata__gelk_backend_name keyword Name of the backend used to enrich the data.
metadata__gelk_version keyword Version of the backend used to enrich the data.
metadata__timestamp date Date when the item was stored in ElasticSearch raw index.
metadata__updated_on date Date when the item was updated on its original data source.
origin keyword The original URL from which the repository was retrieved.
project_1 keyword Used if more than one project level is allowed in the project hierarchy.
project keyword Project name.
reaction_confused long Number of reactions 'confused'.
reaction_eyes long Number of reactions 'eyes'.
reaction_heart long Number of reactions 'heart'.
reaction_hooray long Number of reactions 'hooray'.
reaction_rocket long Number of reactions 'rocket'.
reaction_thumb_down long Number of reactions '-1'.
reaction_thumb_up long Number of reactions '+1'.
reaction_total_count long Number of total reactions.
repository keyword Repository name.
repository_labels keyword Custom repository labels defined by the user.
sub_type keyword Type of the comment (issue comment).
tag keyword Perceval tag.
time_open_days float Time the item is open, counted in days.
time_to_close_days float Time to close an issue counted in days.
time_to_first_attention float Time to first attention to an issue counted in days.
issue_title_analyzed text Issue title split by terms to allow searching.
issue_title keyword The title of the issue.
url keyword Url of the issue/comment.
user_data_bot boolean True/False if the user is a bot or not.
user_data_domain keyword User's domain name from SortingHat profile.
user_data_gender keyword User gender.
user_data_gender_acc keyword Accuracy to assess user gender.
user_data_id keyword User's ID from SortingHat profile.
user_data_name keyword User's name from SortingHat profile.
user_data_org_name keyword User's organization name from SortingHat profile.
user_data_user_name keyword User's username from SortingHat profile.
user_data_uuid keyword User's UUID from SortingHat profile.
user_domain keyword User's domain name from GitHub.
user_geolocation geo_point User's global location using coordinates.
user_location keyword User's geographical location.
user_login keyword User's login name from GitHub.
user_name keyword User's name.
user_org keyword User's organization name.
uuid keyword Perceval UUID.