Documents in this index are about the merge requests of a GitLab project.

All the field types are aggregatable except the text field type (title_analyzed).

Name Type Description
author_bot boolean True if the given author is identified as a bot (from SortingHat profile).
author_domain keyword Domain associated with the author in the SortingHat profile.
author_gender long Author gender, based on her name, from SortingHat (disabled by default).
author_gender_acc long Author gender accuracy from SortingHat (disabled by default).
author_id keyword Author Id from SortingHat.
author_multi_org_names keyword List of the author organizations from SortingHat profile.
author_name keyword Author name from SortingHat.
author_org_name keyword Author organization name from SortingHat.
author_user_name keyword Author user name from SortingHat.
author_username keyword Author user name from GitLab.
author_uuid keyword Author UUID from SortingHat.
code_merge_duration float Code merge duration.
closed_at date Date when the merge request was closed.
created_at date Merge Request creation date.
gitlab_repo keyword GitLab repository name.
grimoire_creation_date date Merge Request creation date.
id long Merge Request Id in GitLab.
id_in_repo long Merge Request Id in the repository it belongs to.
is_gitlab_merge_request long 1 indicating this is a Merge Request, used for counting in case other kinds of items could be stored in the same index or alias.
item_type keyword Item type, in this case 'merge_request request'.
labels keyword Merge Request assigned labels.
merge_author_login keyword Merge author login from GitLab.
merge_author_domain keyword Merge author domain from GitLab.
merge_author_location keyword Merge author location from GitLab.
merge_author_name keyword Merge author name from GitLab.
merge_author_org keyword Merge author organization from GitLab.
merge_request boolean True if it is a Merge Request (useful to identify Merge Requests if used through aliases including several sources).
merged boolean True if the Merge Request was already merged.
merged_at date Date when the merge request was merged.
metadata__enriched_on date Date when the item was enriched.
metadata__gelk_backend_name keyword Name of the backend used to enrich information.
metadata__gelk_version keyword Version of the backend used to enrich information.
metadata__timestamp date Date when the item was stored in the RAW index.
metadata__updated_on date Date when the item was updated on its original data source.
milestone keyword Assigned milestone.
milestone_due_date date Date when a milestone was due.
milestone_id long Id of the milestone, unique for all GitLab.
milestone_iid long Id of the milestone, unique for the GitLab repository.
milestone_start_date date Date when a milestone was started.
milestone_url keyword URL of the milestone.
num_notes long Number of notes.
num_versions long Number of versions.
origin keyword Original URL where the repository was retrieved from.
painless_time_open float Real-time open days.
project keyword Project.
project_1 keyword Project (if more than one level is allowed in the project hierarchy).
repository keyword Repository name.
repository_labels keyword Custom repository labels defined by the user.
solved_at date Date when the merge request was merged or closed.
state keyword 'merged', 'opened' or 'closed'.
tag keyword Perceval tag.
time_open_days float Time from MR creation to either closure or last update, in days. It applies to merged, closed, and open MRs. If the MR is not open, the value will be the same as time_to_close_days. If the MR is open, the value is only updated when the MR changes, which can lead to inaccuracy.
time_to_close_days float Time from MR creation to closure, in days. It only applies to merged or closed MRs.
time_to_first_attention float Time from creation to first comment or reaction (whatever occurs first) added by an author different from the one who created this Merge Request.
title keyword Merge Request title.
title_analyzed text Merge Request title split by terms to allow searching.
updated_at date Date when the Merge Request was updated.
url keyword Merge Request URL.
url_id keyword Consists of project path and Merge Request id in that project.
uuid keyword Perceval UUID.