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Released on October 31, 2022.

New Features#

  • Tenant name. The name of the tenant is shown in the top menu when multi-tenancy is active. This will help users to understand what data they are visualizing without look for the name in the profile section.
  • Development and reviewing contributors fields for Git items. New information about the participants during the development and the reviewing processes are available in Git items. The Git backend extracts these data from Approved-by, Co-authored-by, and Merged-by trailers that some commit messages might include.
  • Upgrate to GrimoireLab 0.7.0 that fixes some bugs and includes some small features on the platform. You can find more information on the release notes.

Changes That Can Affect Users:#

  • Browser caches should be cleared in order visualize the changes in the menu.
  • Users will need to update their index patterns to have access to the new Git fields.