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Released on September 28, 2022.

New Features#

  • Multi-tenancy. The platform now allows to have groups of users that can access to isolated and customized environments using only one instance.
  • Editable colour node palette on network visualization. Users can choose their favourite colours to display different nodes in the network visualization.
  • API to import/export BAP menu. Admins would be able to edit the BAP menu and export its contents to a portable format using a new API.

    • Export

    To get the contents of the menu run the next request:

    • HTTP
      GET /api/_bap/menu
    • curl

      curl -X GET <OSD URL>/api/_bap/menu --header 'osd-xsrf: true' --user '<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>'

    • Import

    You can modify the contents of the meny importing a new one using the next request:

    • HTTP
      PUT /api/_bap/menu
    • curl
      curl -X PUT <OSD URL>/api/_bap/menu \
        --header 'osd-xsrf: true' \
        --user '<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>' \
        --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
        -d '{
          "menu": [
             "name": "Overview",
             "dashboard_id": "Overview",
             "type": "entry"
             "name": "About",
             "type": "menu",
             "dashboards": [
                "name": "Contact",
                "type": "entry",
                "dashboard_id": ""
    • Upgrate to GrimoireLab 0.6.0 that fixes some bugs on the platform. See also GrimoireLab 0.5.0 release for more info.

Changes That Can Affect Customers:#

  • Browsers cache need to be cleared in order to use the multi-tenancy features and avoid visualizations with no data.
  • Menu object has changed from metadashboard to menu. Old menus should be migrated and stored under the new object.
  • Service end points (OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards) might change.
  • Short links will work but need to be updated
    # Old<instance>/goto/7a9df0a762a5f4186ad18b9e9f6d5df4?security_tenant=global
    # New<instance>
  • Index pattern and aliases may have different names, which include the tenant ID. Visualizations might stop working and they should be updated to use the new name.