Review the following information about the Bitergia Analytics Platform 0.2 release

Released on May 10, 2022.

New features:

  • Extended custom branding: Logos, title and menu colors can be changed and customized to match your organization branding. By default, Bitergia's branding is set by default. For developers, configuration can be set in opensearch_config.yml. The next table and image describe what parts of the UI can be configured.


Setting Element
projectName Name of the project shown next to the logo. See # 1 in the image above
backgroundColor Header background color. See # 2
menuItemColor Text color of the menu items in the header. See # 3
menuItemHoverColor Background color of the menu items on mouseover. See # 4
selectedItemColor Background color of the menu item that matches the current URL. See # 5
textColor Color of the text in the dropdown menus. See # 6
linkColor Color of the links in the dropdown menus. See # 7
dropdownColor Background color of the dropdown menus. See # 8
# Example with default values
projectName: "Bitergia Analytics" # 1
backgroundColor: "#333" # 2
menuItemColor: "#dedede" # 3
menuItemHoverColor: "#000" # 4
selectedItemColor: "#f49e42" # 5
textColor: "#cecece" # 6
linkColor: "#fcb42e" # 7
dropdownColor: "#525252" # 8

NOTE: changes will be only visible once you clean the browsers cache.

  • Public Dashboards: Credentials are no longer needed to access the dashboards and they will visible for everyone, when needed. Only users with credentials will be able to edit the dashboards or access certain information.

Changes that can affect customers:

  • None.